I was scrolling through tumblr when I came across this post here. The writer claims that a mixture of lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide and water can be an “all-natural” alternative to bleach. Now, I am very familiar with lemon juice and its cleaning power and with peroxide and its disinfecting…


Vinegar is a natural acid. Its acidity level is high enough to kill most bacteria and germs. Vinegar has become a staple in my household because it solves many of my cleaning issues and it is cheap. Sometimes you can find a coupon for it, but without a coupon it is still cheaper than most cleaning…

Yea, I’ve put down my coupons and have started a garden. I’ve learned a lot of lessons my first year with this garden and the biggest one was that storage bins are your best friend. I bought those cute little orange containers because I thought it would be cheaper, but the money spent on those could have went towards huge storage bins. They can hold more plants and are a lot sturdier. I recently lost 11 tomatoes because the container toppled over -_-. So anyhoot, I’ve created a garden so we will see how this goes. 



I love Harry’s face. Everyone else just kind of looks down, all serious, but Harry’s like “The kind of school is this?!?”






omg it’s 11/12/13 i’m so happy about this

Dear America, in the rest of the world that happens next month.

Damn it’s good to be first



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